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This page is all pictures of our family camping trips...

Modifications that I've made to the camper...

and the good times we've had with old friends!!



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2007 Keystone Mountaineer & 2006 Ford F250 FX4 XLT Diesel

"Little House on the Highway"

Camping at Tranquil Timbers - Sturgeon Bay, WI - OCT '08







(click on picture for larger view)

Double towel rods in the bathroom

Towel rack in the kitchen

Cabinet door locks to secure doors for transport

PVC campsite sign holder / and storage hooks

Added a second crossbar to the sign holder to display theme signs as well

Cedar campsite sign

Example of our campsite sign along w/ a theme sign... GO BUCKS!!!

Had to make a place in the bunkhouse to store our other theme signs... John Deere, NASCAR, Pabst Blue Ribbon

LED push lights over the sink

Closet organizers in the bedroom

Coat rack in the bathroom

ShurFlo fans in the living room and bedroom, note fan remote control on the wall near the bottom right of the mirror

Custom vinyl lettering

LED tail light conversion

LED tail light conversion (detail cont.)

LED tail light conversion (detail cont.)

Sewer hose storage tube

Sewer hose storage tube - opened for detail view

Front of sewer hose storage tube vented for airflow

Battery disconnect switch

Wine glass holder over sink

Removed jack knife sofa in bunkhouse slide. I will be installing a conertible crib for our son Cameron.

Here the convertible crib is installed

Flash light holder

Screen door guard and push bars

Thule shelf mounting pods

BAL stabilizer bars added to scissor jacks

BAL stabilizer bars alternate view

Carefree Summit II slide out covers w/ auto tenting arm

Auto tenting arm detail

Stainless steel tire cover

Switched all clearance lights to LED... they are ON for photo purposes

Detail of LED taillight and clearance light - ON

Also added three LED's across the front of the trailer. Makes a nice compliment to the clearance light pattern on my truck roof.

ProPride 3P 1400 hitch (see link at bottom of page for detailed pics of the installation)

Hunter digital thermostat install

Thermostat detail...

Thermostat detail...

I made the panel below the open storage into a swinging access door.

Inside, I mounted my surge supressor, autoformer, and my EMS system. Each is plug wired so I can unplug any of the three at anytime depending on need.

Surge supressor detail...

EMS detail...

This the LED display for the EMS unit.

Refridgerator circulation fan with toggle switch

We added a counter top extension to have more room during meal prep.

Side shot of counter extension

Extension in UP position

Detail shot of the extension. It adds 24" of counter top lenghth.

Detail shot of brackets. They will support up to 200lbs.

Another shot of the extension in the UP position

I used a gate latch to secure the extension in the DOWN position. This keeps it from swinging during transport.

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Special thanks to Sean Woodruff and the entire team at ProPride, Inc. They have may a fantastic hitch and I am proud to be one of the first owners of what will soon be an industry leader!!

Click HERE for details of the installation... or click the button in the upper left menu that says "ProPride Hitch".

Also, a link to ProPride can be found on my links page - found HERE.